Welcoming myself

It’s been a long time, I’ve disappeared from wordpress! But better late than never. Welcoming myself, all these days when [I wasn’t there] I learned many things! Went through may good and bad routes of life! So I wanted to share some Sweet Sour memories I made till today!

Fortune Of Firsts- Recollecting my memory of Holding the first trophy for 1st Runner up in Personality Pageant, that was 1st of January 2013 back in my Diploma’s last year. Nothing great happened the very next year, but yes on 1st of January 2015, I received my First Payment. On 31st of Dec., I delivered my first Seminar on LINUX! Since then, I have my source of income. Continue reading

On Mother’s Day | Mother Nature

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Because Mother’s day will always come and go!
And no one will wish you but every individual to their mom… Here I am MOTHER NATURE! WISHING YOU A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
THANK YOU for not bringing out the apocalypse in 2012
THANK YOU for not being rude to my farmers
THANK YOU for still caring for all those WHO HURT YOU!
THANK YOU for making me realise your presence everytime around me!

Magically sets that Golden ball!

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The beautiful sunset, while I was trekking reverse to home from the beautiful mountain of Pandavleni,Nashik So, This is the winner’s reward; On the exact peak of the mountain the bench is placed. Altough I think how could have someone get this metal thing on this height. This beautiful view is from my Flat’s terrace. […]

Resting in the shadows | dead imagination…

Dreaming is like making glass castles in the air,

So did I, I dreamt a wonderful dream,

dream that wasn’t of mine alone;

It was of three friends including me.

I dreamt and started making castles,

more specifically the empire;

I manifested everyday, every minute, every second,

and so did my friends,

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The First Love – Unfolding the Untold!

10th July 2013, 23:26

Unfolding the untold Love story.

‚ô•Love, the very friendly word right from your first crush in your high school. At the early teen the matured girls and guys defined it as distraction and some other defined it as attraction, but both the category surely do have a crush. the other guys at the tender teenage face a lot in their affairs, that is a undoubted thing, because we all accept the truth, that it was, is and will be a distraction at that age. Then what about the matured girls and guys after the teenage, let me share a short love story of a 20 year old couple.

Th guy, 20 year old, kinda renaissance man, talented, humble, tall enough, no affairs till date, not so good looking to die for and thin. The guy is a talented in his stream and his hobbies, Mama’s boy, no affairs till date, A strong believer of “One Man Woman”, he belonged from the matured group of matured teens|The girl 20 year old, super talented, freedom lover, very friendly, competitive, pet lover and family lover. The girl belonged from the group of other teens, who had affair at their teenage. The guy and the girl met at a social dance sessions. The guy is supposed to be a great dancer of his clan, well known for his unique style, had a huge group of good guys, his weakness was the social dances. Girl is supposed to be an tutor at the social dance session. The guy, who is kinda reserved person, starts to learn about the girl, he was well sharp enough to note the activities, at the same time he was aware about his group mates, he never let the spark be noticed among his group about her. The girl was out of the terms of so called “Relationship”, & she had the habits of flirting, she flirted with the guy too!
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Under the Name of Development, The Youth today.

“Lately but i discovered the real facts what developing nations are facing under the name of development”

In the race of development, every nation is using best of knowledge, resources, services, management and what not; and the one more important thing they are using is adopting the lifestyle and culture of developed nations; and that is where we go wrong! adaption of Lifestyle and culture of western or any such developed nation is actually denying the culture of our own country. I am making no obligations regarding any nation’s lifestyle, in good and bad. But people have started forgetting their nations culture and lifestyle. Who is supposed to be blamed for all this? the extraordinary education? the trends? or the mumm Parents?

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